• No commas

    • e.g. "1000" instead of "1,000"

  • No units of measurement

    • Units should be in metadata instead

  • Express as full number where possible

    • e.g. "1200000" instead of "1.2" (million)

    • If rounded, indicate in metadata

  • No rounding if possible

    • Give raw numbers as far as possible

    • If rounding is needed, try to provide at least 2 decimal places of precision and indicate rounding in metadata

  • Percentages can be expressed as either a proportion out of 1 or 100.

    • e.g. 20% can be expressed as 20 or 0.2

    • The representation of percentages must be consistent throughout your dataset (e.g. among different percentage fields)

    • You must indicate how percentages are expressed in the data dictionary

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