6. Update and Maintain the Dataset

It is important to maintain data updates according to the target frequency indicated in the metadata.
While automated updates are ideal, especially for more frequently updated data, we know that sometimes that's not an option. Below are considerations for making sure you can maintain data updates in line with your target frequency.

Best practices checklist: automated updates

Automation will most likely be set up by a technical team in your organization. The following are practices to make sure your automation is resilient.
  • Dataset update steps are captured and annotated through an automated process (e.g. scripts or ETL/ELT platform)
  • Standardized and user-friendly alerts for automation success and failure are sent to appropriate points of contact including technical and program contacts
  • Sufficient logs are kept to ease troubleshooting issues and identifying root causes of ongoing problems

Best practices checklist: manual updates

  • Place update procedure documents (developed in Step 2) in a common document repository where other staff can access as needed
  • Identify one or more staff who could manage the dataset and help address issues in your absence or upon leaving your role
  • Cross-train staff on updates to ensure continuity