We have had a number of people help with the creation and feedback on this handbook. This wouldn't be possible without their help.

First, many thanks to the student team that kickstarted user research through Stanford's CS184 (Bridging Policy and Tech Through Design) class: Emily Bunnapradist, Jenn Hu, and Sejal Jhawer. Thank you for bringing fresh eyes and design thinking to the open data publisher's journey and this resulting handbook.

And thank you to all those that provided their subject matter expertise and feedback as we developed the handbook (with apologies if we missed anyone): Benjamin Brezing, Colin Stevens, David Altare, David Harris, Jarma Bennett, Karen Henderson, Kate Spiess, Mahesh Gautam, Michael Tagupa, Ping Zhong, Rafael Maestu, Rodney Garcia, Sam Hayashi, Scott Fujimoto, MD, MPH, Tuba Demir Dagdas, Will Wheeler, and Yanyi Djamba.

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