About CalData

Learn more about CalData, our structure, and upcoming jobs!

CalData is the central data team for the State of California:

  • Our mission is to empower use of data by ensuring the state has the infrastructure, processes, and people to manage, access, and use data efficiently, effectively, securely, and responsibly.

  • Our vision is better decisions, services, and outcomes for Californians through better use of data.

We structure our work around the analogy that in order to successfully navigate the “data landscape” we need to intentionally build the roads, craft the rules of the road, and boost the travelers. We want to avoid data roads that lead to nowhere, are poorly maintained, or confuse our travelers. Read more about our strategy.

How can I be notified of job openings?

Complete the CalData Job Interest Form to be notified when positions open.

CalData is growing

CalData started many years ago as an initiative to publicly publish data for the state. It was an informal network of data enthusiasts across the state.

Starting in 2020, CalData became a more formal organization. Last year, we created a small core team.

In July 2022 our team merged with the existing Office of Digital Innovation to become the Office of *Data* and Innovation.

As part of this merger, we are hiring and building out three teams:

  1. The Data Services and Engineering team will help build and advise on how to best build the data roads across the state.

  2. The Data Programs and Policy team will craft the rules of the road, boosting both the data roads and the travelers.

  3. The Advanced Analytics and Evaluation team will boost the data travelers by delivering high impact analytics projects.

All three data teams will be both hands on and expert consultants to executive leadership and data teams around the state. Read more about our data teams and the roles we'll be hiring in each section.

Don't forget - ODI is hiring for many other roles. Check 'em out at:


Read more in the merger announcement.

Why work for CalData and ODI

Mission. Mission. Mission. We work on things that matter and improve lives. Advancing equity is at the heart of our work.

Impact at scale and across multiple domains. We will partner across the state to build capacity and help all state departments be better users of data. Where else can you do that?

Humane team that cares about each other. Between Tea(m) time, our daily standups, and much more we support each other and our whole selves.

Mix of quick value + institutional change. We love rapid and agile delivery. But we're also not afraid to take on big institutional lifts that take time, in-depth collaboration, and occasional moments of bewilderment and exasperation. But it's worth it. Or if it's not, we plan a responsible exit.

Supportive of skill-learning and growth. We love it when our team members grow and learn new skills and approaches. Core to our job is to help the state adopt modern practices. That means our team has to keep its edge, while also steering a sustainable and scalable adoption path across the state.

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