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BUCP Template

This page contains both the BUCP template itself as well as a template for defining the data elements that may be used or adapted as the BUCP is developed.

Template: BUCP

Use this Word document to draft your BUCPs. If needed, we will periodically update this based on feedback and include version notes.
Remember when you complete your BUCP to submit to the Statewide Chief Data Officer

Template: Data Field Definitions Template

One of the best ways to improve data use is to provide data that is well-documented. The data field definitions table below will help both the Data Provider and Recipient develop a shared understanding of the data to be exchanged.
Field Name
What is a brief human readable name for the field? This should be unique and stated in the singular. Don't use abbreviations or acronyms.
What is the format of the data? Numeric, text, data and time, currency, boolean, coordinates, other.
Define the field. State it as a descriptive phrase or sentence. Be precise, unambiguous and concise. Make it unique and state it in the singular. State what it is, not what it is not. Can it stand alone? Define units of measure (e.g. miles or meters or feet).
Yes or No. Is this field required or optional?
Valid inputs
For categories, what is the list of allowable values? For date and numbers, what is the allowable range?
Defines how the data enters the system.
Describe any known data quality issues or concerns.
Guide for use
Provide advice on how the field can be used.