Showcase - Analytics Accelerator

California - CalHR

As CalData was adapting the Analytics Accelerator for the state context, we needed testers of the updated content. The Economic Research Unit of the Financial Management Division at CalHR agreed to be a beta tester for a few of the training components and went through the core classes.
At the start of the process they participated in a scoping meeting and we identified a workforce report as the pilot report. Through a short 1-2 month engagement they attended the courses and developed their pilot report.
Since the training has ended they have been able to continue to develop reports beyond the pilot report and have transformed how they conduct analytics. See below for an overview of the different types of reports they have been able to create

Types of reports possible post-engagement

Self Service Reports to save staff time
Division analyst could answer own questions. Ad-hoc Qs that would take 3hrs of data team time were now answered instantly.
Executive Dashboards
Director of CalHR could now answer own questions about state employee data.
Data Quality Monitoring Reports
Increased level of detail in PowerBI allows them to catch and rectify issues in data feeds to improve quality of reports
Secure Public Reporting
They are developing a number of public dashboards to allow for more interactive and in-depth exploration of workforce data.

City and County of San Francisco

The Analytics Accelerator is based off a successful program current CalData staff developed at DataSF, San Francisco's Office of the Chief Data Officer. See below for 3 stories of how this earlier iteration of the Analytics Accelerator transformed how departments worked with data.
Streamlining distribution of work with user-centered design and quality control tools
Massive time savings by adopting Power BI
Data and analytical transparency with Power BI and open data.